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We know you’re going to love being part of the St. Gabriel Child Care family. We can’t wait to meet you!


Come visit one of our 4 child care locations and our friendly staff will answer questions you have about our services.


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Monday to Friday: 7:00AM – 6:00PM
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What to Expect on Your Tour


Our child care tours typically take at least 30 minutes. Here are some snapshots of the kinds of things you’ll learn about during your tour.

Our Schools & Classrooms

St. Gabriel Child Care Centres offers a quality child care program for children 18 months to 12 years of age.  Our program offers a multitude of experiences, which encompass indoor/outdoor gross motor play, creative sensory, fine motor manipulative, cognitive activities, and small and large group experiences. While on your tour you will see the centres in which your child will explore such as Creative Art, Book, Listening, Block Centre, Sensorial, Interest Science Centre, Dramatic Play C and Easel Centres. We also incorporate “Handwriting Without Tears”, as part of our literacy program. Our educators The School Age Program incorporate homework time and independent activities.  The program operates under the CCEYA, Child Care Early Years Act regulations; this ensures that ratios for kindergarten children is no more than one staff to thirteen children and children ages six to twelve have a ratio of one staff to fifteen children. Our ratios for our preschool and nursery school is one staff for every eight children and our toddler room ratios are at one staff for every five toddlers. There is at least one RECE or equivalent in each program.


Our School & Classrooms

Your Child’s Teacher

In an Emergent Curriculum Environment, Early Childhood Educators are not only nurturers, they are partners, facilitators, observers and co-learners who have a deep understanding of developmentally appropriate practices. Educators understand individual differences and arrange their rooms so that children can explore at their own pace through child-initiated and adult-supported experiences. They make available a wide range of manipulatives, activities, and creative materials in order to allow children to make their own choices, working hard to match their curriculum to the strengths and interests demonstrated in the children. In order for staff to be kept up to date on new practices and initiatives, all individuals that interact with the children at our Centres are involved in continuous ongoing learning through workshops, seminars, and meetings.


Your Child's Teacher

Pricing & Enrollment Process

On your tour we will determine the program days you require and tailor the tuition fees that meet your needs. Fees are paid through Electronic Funds Transfer and withdrawn on the first of every month. Cheques are accepted for Deposits and registration fees. Upon securing a space a one month deposit is required.


Pricing & Enrollment

Programs & Curriculum

We believe that all children are naturally curious, capable learners worthy of our trust and support. We look to each child to help guide us in their learning. We value and respect children and believe that their ideas are an important basis of our program. Because of these beliefs, St. Gabriel Child Care Centre adopted an Emergent Curriculum approach to learning. We believe this approach is the most consistent and developmentally appropriate with our understanding of how children learn.


Programs & Curriculam

Registration & First Day

After you have registered and we have committed on a start date for your child, we hope that you will visit with your child prior to their commencement.  Our goal is for your child to feel safe and secure. With this trust they will be able to explore learn and grow. When your child sees that you are comfortable with the staff and the classroom then they too will feel comfortable.  Please visit us with your child as often as you wish prior to their start date. You will be required to remain in the classroom or the building during this time.


Registration & First Day

Safety & Security

For your child’s sense of security, it is recommended that the parent establishes fixed hours of pickup and drop off.  Also we would like to mention that the school has installed security cameras for the safety of the child.  Please remember to register check in time and check out time on attendance  provided.  It is not acceptable for the child to arrive at the centre without adult accompaniment.  Similarly, when picking up your child, ensure that a staff member knows you are leaving and again sign out in the attendance provided.  Unless otherwise arranged, children will not be released to anyone other than those persons specified on the admission forms.

Should someone other than parents be picking up your child please ensure that they are on other emergency card as having authority to pick up your child/ren.  Identification will be required if our staff do not recognize them.  If a someone other than the person documented to have authority for pick up is coming to the  child care please call and provide the persons full name and also ensure they have identification to verify upon arrival.

At the Child Care Centre we have a swipe card system for entering the building.  Each family will be provided two swipe cards for seamless entry. Should you forget your card there is a bell to ring.  The Child care has cameras at each entry from the playground and from the school.

Each Before and After School Program at St Clement and St. Gregory have a door bell at the kindergarten doors.  Children must be escorted into all our programs and parents must connect with the educators on staff.


Safety & Security

Physical Activity & Healthy Living

Our program provides opportunities for indoor and outdoor activities, active play, rest and quiet times. The children explore outdoors for an hour minium in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. This may include neighborhood walks, local parks and our playground. School Age programs enjoy the outdoors for a minimum of a half hour a day and use school playground and gym for gross motor development.


Physical Activity

Nutrition & Meals

The Health and safety of adults and children is extremely important to us. SGCC meets and strives to exceed all health and safety requirements set forth by the Ministry of Education and local government bylaws. This information is also presented in our parent policies.


Nutrition & Meal Plans