91 Fiori Drive Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 5S4
Monday to Friday: 7:00AM - 6:00PM


Our nurturing teachers are qualified staff that are Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE). Each room also has a early childhood assistant who though not an RECE are taking courses towards their certification in early childhood, or teachers certificate. Their knowledge experience and dedication provide a well rounded program in which our children thrive. We continue to support internal and external learning opportunities for our staff. Moreover, our staff pride themselves on their professionalism and ability to grow with self reflection.

Our staff share in the joy of watching the childrens’ imagination and wonder unfold and are proud of fostering the natural curiosity that will carry a child through a lifetime of learning. They build connections with the families and children and through engagement, observation and collaboration expand playbased and child centered learning opportunities.

Our child care and school age staff document these wonderful events with ELECT documentation boards. “The Early Learning for Every Child Today” Early Learning Framework assists our community in observing and interpreting childrens behaviour in order to understand them and in doing so help them to understand themselves and the world around them. Assessment is based on observation and documentation of the children’s experiences and identify how they illustrate emerging developmental skills. The primary purpose is to support curriculum planning that is based on the childs interests and where the child is at in each of the developmental domains.

Understanding where every child is in each area of development as well as how to support experiences which bring them to the next step is key!

“St. Gabriel is a wonderful place with thoughtful, nurturing, and caring teachers. The team at St. Gabriel is an extension of our family.” – Parent Survey