Mind Your Manners

Etiquette, by definition means the observance of the formal requirements governing behaviour in polite society. 

While society and circumstances continue to evolve and change there are certain properties of conduct that are worth observing and our children had the opportunity to learn more about manners and etiquette at a recent workshop presented by White Luxe Etiquette.

Susy Fossati introducing herself to the children

Under the instruction of Susy Fossati the children received an introduction to manners which included the history and origins of certain practices; they learn about greetings and introductions, showing respect, table manners and dining etiquette; positive body language and eye contact; and building confidence and self-esteem.

Practicing proper handshakes

Ms. Susy emphasized the importance of manners by engaging the children in interactive lessons.  They walked through introductions with one another, demonstrated proper handshaking techniques, learned how to set proper place settings and practice appropriate table manners among other things.

Learning dining etiquette

Here are a few of the children’s learnings from the workshop:

  • The left side of your lapel is reserved for the placement of special items such as broaches and poppies because they are close to the heart.  A nametag should be worn on the right so that when you meet someone and shake their hand, they make direct eye contact with you and closely see your name as you shake hands
  • Use proper titles when addressing people.  Children should always use “Mr.” or “Ms.” when addressing adults
  • “Please” and “Thank You” are the foundation of good manners, these words never go out of style
  • When using a knife and fork, both index fingers should be pointing straight
  • It is proper etiquette to eat fruit with a knife and fork

Throughout the workshop children were provided with tickets for correctly answering questions which they were then allowed to use towards prizes from Ms. Susy’s big basket of goodies.

Prize selection

It was an informative and educational workshop in which children and adults alike all took home some lessons.

Parents interested in learning more about these workshops can contact Susy via email at whiteluxeetiquette@gmail.com