Lights Out to Connect to the Earth

At 8:30 pm on March 30th darkness will fall on the planet.  An hour without electricity to celebrate the energy of the Earth.   

Earth Hour began as a “lights-off’ initiative in Sydney, Australia in 2007.  It has since become a worldwide movement organized by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) to turn off non-essential electric light for one hour (8:30-9:30 pm) as a symbol of commitment to the planet.   Earth Hour grown into the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, engaging individuals, communities, governments, businesses and organizations in more than 180 countries and territories to raise awareness for energy consumption and effects on the environment.

While climate change has been, and remains the focus for this initiative, emphasis is being placed on the accelerating loss of nature and the threats this poses to us all through a campaign called #Connect2Earth.   This global campaign is designed to help spread the message that nature matters; it is part of our lives and without the natural environment we wouldn’t thrive; from the air we breathe to the water we drink.  Connect to Earth is addressing the dual challenge facing the planet – climate change and the loss of nature.   Taking part in this initiative is as simple as flicking a switch, which is what you and your family can do in solidarity on March 30th.

Other ways to celebrate and join the Earth Hour movement are:

  • Having a candle-lit dinner
  • Go stargazing
  • Leading up to Earth Hour, watch awareness raising videos
  • Create an action calendar where each day you take part in an environmentally friendly action
  • Test your knowledge on nature by taking a Wild Wisdom Quiz (you can find one online at
  • Attend or host an upcycling workshop with family or friends and learn how you can give old items a new chance at life
  • Hunt for vintage finds in your local thrift store rather than consume fast fashion, or organize a clothing swap among friends
  • Volunteer with a local environmental agency or organization that promotes sustainability
  • Practice the Japanese art of forest bathing which means simply being in nature (not through exercise such as hiking), connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch (this also means being unplugged and leaving devices behind)

On March 30th switch-off in solidarity from 8:30-9:30pm to connect to the earth and help change the planet for the better!