Celebrating our Champions – Early Childhood Educators

If early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society then it is the early childhood educators who hold the key to unlocking that potential.  On Child Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day, and everyday, we recognize the hard work, meaningful care and continuous learning that these educators provide daily and we celebrate their amazing contributions to the well-being and healthy development of the young children in their care.

These highly skilled and dedicated individuals are providing children with several educational benefits that help them become well-rounded individuals.

Some of the advantages early childhood educators provide are as follows:

Socialization and Respect:

Children in an early childcare learning environment develop important social skills. They are taught to interact with others and build relationships.  In addition, children learn to overcome shyness and gain self-confidence which is crucial to social development.

The children are also taught the value of respect in all aspects.  Respect for themselves, for others, for belongings and for their environment.

Cooperation and Teamwork:

E.C.E.s teach children to share, cooperate and take turns with their peers through programs and activities.  This in turns builds the foundation for emotional and social development as well as being a valuable lesson in inclusivity.

They also instil in children the importance of teamwork, teaching them to respect the opinion of others and how to effectively listen to others as their equals. 

Enthusiasm for Lifelong Learning:

From an early age, children are given a love of education; reading, learning and discovery.  E.C.E.s provide fun and exciting opportunities that create an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

It is here where they also learn to listen, follow directions and develop their concentration skills.


Early childhood educators help parents to build resilience in their children by creating a consistent, secure and fair social environment.  Children develop the ability to manage themselves and their emotions and build coping strategies for the challenges in their lives.


Children are taught about diversity, learning to appreciate and accept the differences in everyone.  They learn that everyone is special and unique and are also taught about cultural ethnicity.  

Early childhood education lays the foundation in building well-rounded and responsible individuals and early childhood educators are the nurturers, partners, facilitators, observers and co-learners who help to shape them.   Join us in showing our tremendous appreciation for our E.C.E.s and celebrating them as incredible champions.